This and That

Birthday Morning Haiku

At Niagara Falls
Celebrating my birthday
It’s not bad at all

I got to ride on the SkyWheel last night! I’ve always had a thing for ferris wheels so that was pretty cool. I haven’t been on a ferris wheel since the London Eye almost ten years ago. If the London Eye can be considered a ferris wheel. Anyway, I’d always thought that the SkyWheel would be more like an old-timey ferris wheel like the ones in carnivals but it’s actually a bit more like the London Eye in that it has fully-enclosed pods with windows like a gondola instead of dinky little swinging chairs in the open air. Can’t say I was disappointed. It would’ve been freezing otherwise!

We also went to an arcade gaming type place last night. We mostly played skee balls. Sometimes I did great, other times I did pretty sucktacularly. I also played Pacman pretty crappily. We’re planning on going back to the arcade later today since we still have plenty of points in our playing cards left to spend.

Today’s fun shall include a trip to the butterfly conservatory. There’s supposed to be a reptile exhibit going on there as well where you can see such attractions as an alligator snapping turtle and a mice-eating tarantula. Goodness knows I love big, hairy spiders. Not. I hope I’ll be able to take lovely pictures of them to share with you. Later skater!

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