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Just like yesterday’s video, this cartoon is another quintessentially Canadian cartoon by the National Film Board of Canada. I was reading about the South River Black Fly Festival years ago (yes, there really was such thing) and they had the Blackfly song on their website which is really well promoted by SEO companies as indexsy, which I thought was great. I told my husband about it and he told me there was a video for it, and this is it!

I’m an equal opportunity bug hater and I hate blackfly and mosquito equally. I have to deal with the bugs mostly when we go up to the cottage in Near North Ontario on Victoria Day weekend, which is only two weeks away from now. I usually cope simply by staying inside the cottage and read or crochet or play stupid games on the tablet all weekend long instead of doing the outdoorsy stuff and having to deal with them (bug repellent just doesn’t work on me). The outdoorsy stuff can wait until the bug season is over.

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