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Blogiversary #9


Weblog Wannabe turns nine years old today. Woot woot. And to think that I got my first period when I was 9. I know. Gross. See, I had an early puberty. By the time girls around my age hit puberty, I was already over it, with one conclusion: boys suck and are icky. (Strange that I get along better with boys than with girls.) I remember rolling my eyes a lot listening to the girls at school talking about boys they fancy. Similar thing happens in the blogging world. By the time people the world over went crazy about blogging, I was already over it. But why do I keep blogging, you ask. Well, I ended up marrying a boy so I might as well keep blogging!

That was one of the most nonsensical paragraphs I’ve ever written. Anyway, moving along. I should probably announce the winner of my NaBloPomo contest. I bet you thought I already forgot all about it, eh? Nope. Been planning on announcing it today. I don’t remember the exact number of comments made by each contenders but Tia posted the most comments, followed by Lance and Sarah. But since Tia said she wasn’t playing and she posted comments simply because she liked my blog (awwww!), Lance is the winner! Yay! Please send your mailing address to firda at wannabegirl dot org.

Oliver the Owl

But wait, there’s more! What’s a blogiversary without a giveaway? If you’d like to win a handmade owl plushie that looks like Oliver the Owl (my own original design!) but maybe made with different materials, just leave a comment to this post and I’ll draw a name out of the hat or something to that effect after the contest closed. Contest closes next week on February 27, 2009 at noon EST. In the meantime, I’ll make a cute little owl with love to send one to ONE lucky winner. So comment away! And here’s to another 9 years of blogging! Whoa, that sounds really daunting…

12 thoughts on “Blogiversary #9

  1. wow 9 years… congrats, Firda! … and congrats to Lance… (you know that I beat you.. ha ha!)
    ps. the owl is just uber cute

  2. well i would feel bad if i won coz i rarely ever comment anymore. what aterrible friend. but amn what a cute owl!!! and hey congrats on teh anniversary!

  3. Wow I remember your blog back in the day before this whole blogging thing exploded. Funny that I decided today to click on a Firdamatic link on my bestie’s blog just to see if you were still around :) 9 years! Here’s to 9 more!

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