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BookMooch is a free book trade and exchange community. “Every time you give someone a book, you earn a point and can get any book you want from anyone else at BookMooch.” Sounds interesting.

4 thoughts on “BookMooch

  1. You are the second blogger who I follow to post about BookMooch this week. My roommate has been using PaperbackSwap (for all intents and purposes: the same thing but been around for a while) for at least a year now. Have you heard of it? Do you still recommend BookMooch over them?

  2. I think I’d prefer BookMooch to PaperbackSwap because with BookMooch, you can start with only one book while in PaperbackSwap, you have to list 9 books before you can start swapping. I’d rather part with my books one at a time than 9 at a time. :) And PaperbackSwap is US only.

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