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Bought Something, Made Something

We had been on the lookout for a used MP3 player ever since we found out that the car stereo in our rental car in Iceland won’t play MP3 files. I was also looking into buying new but not willing to burn $50 for a new MP3 player with only 2GB storage. Enter Kijiji.

I responded to a couple of ads on Monday. One was for an iPod Touch 2G 8GB for $50 here in Stratford and the other was for an iPod Touch 3G 16GB for $80 in Kitchener. I talked the latter down to $60 only to realize that even though it was marketed as a 3G by Apple (evil corporation rant withheld), it was actually a 2G, so it was older than advertised and the latest version of iOS it could run was 4.2.1, meaning very few apps (if any) on the Apps Store would work on it.

I told the seller about it and they apologized in response, saying they didn’t know it was that old. I dropped my offer down to $50 and they took it, saying it was fair. We made the drive to Kitchener and picked it up later that day. And that is how we purchased our first Apple product. We only paid as much as we were willing to pay for one. No hundreds of dollars for you, Apple! Not from us!

I installed a jailbreak program called Whited00r on the iPod Touch the next day to give it some of the iOS 6 features and to gain access to the AppTimeMachine. Now, not only can we play music with it, we can also browse the Internet (albeit very slowly) on WiFi, check and update Twitter and Facebook, and even play some games (although I still prefer computer games since I can get elo boosting to help me out) I’d say it was a $50 well spent. I even learned a thing or two about jailbreaking mobile devices in the process. The learning curve was rather steep, but it was fun nonetheless. I love learning new things.

Look at all the squeaky dog toys I made!
Look at all the squeaky dog toys I made!

I joined the Reddit’s Plushy Exchange recently and my giftee wanted some soft and squeaky toys for their dog. I instantly thought of making toys that look like food, so I crocheted the stuff pictured above: an apple, a cupcake, and an ice cream cone. Aren’t they cute? ;-) They even squeak when squeezed! It was my first time crocheting toys that look like food. I’d just never had the excuse to make them before. I hope the dog will like them.

Interestingly, even though I didn’t sign up for an international exchange this time and even though my giftee is in Canada, my gifter is actually in Sweden! I’m really curious about what I’m getting and I’m excitedly waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I haven’t received anything in the mail from Sweden since my old penpalling days some 20 years ago! Dear god, I’m old…

I think this is an appropriate song to end this post with:

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