Busy Bee?

Kitchen Window

Since the last time I posted, I have:

  • got a new scanner (Epson Perfection 4490);
  • finally received my Diana+ camera (never received the pick-up notice because it was delivered to someone else’s house but we went to the post office and I showed my ID and they gave me my package);
  • shot one roll of film with the said Diana+;
  • started growing a pineapple plant out of a pineapple top (it’s grown new roots and new leaves);
  • started growing a mango plant out of a mango pit (it’s grown a root);
  • picked up a pomegranate from a grocery store for the sole purpose of growing it;
  • done two family photo sessions with babies;
  • seen Great Lake Swimmers and Feist live in Kitchener;
  • had Troy buy us tickets to see Hayden live in Kitchener next month;
  • made alfredo sauce (low calorie version) from scratch for the first time;
  • finished my kitchen curtain sewing project (made out of a bed sheet I picked up from a thrift store);
  • started writing a blog entry but forgot to save it before closing the browser window (oops!).

What’s not on the list is the procrastinating part, but let’s just take it for granted, shall we? ;)

7 thoughts on “Busy Bee?

  1. she of the black thumb has gone plant growing mad! AWESOME!! and woo – i fell in love with that lil 1234 song from the ipod nano ad and now i wanna know more about Feists music – you lucky wench!!!

  2. I am so impressed! Esp with gardening stuff – I’m going to try that when we start getting organic veg boxes again… And am well impressed with your sewing project! I really should stop bitching about our curtains and take a leaf from your book… When I procrastinate, I actually grow mould…like a sloth.

  3. I have an Epson 4990 and it’s a good scanner, but I haven’t tried scanning film yet. I say yet, because I just found out that the 1 hour photo place around the corner can process 120 film. I never would have thought they would. but I stopped in to ask that silly question. It turns out it wasn’t so silly after all.
    I’m now just waiting for the weekend.

  4. Hi,
    I really like your site, and I like Feist a lot too!
    I was wondering what plugin or software you use to create your quizzes… I like them a LOT but can’t figure out how to make some for my own site.
    Can you help me out?
    Thanks, Brad

  5. how do you like the scanner? I’m in the market myself and finding it hard to make a decision .. of course the fact that I also need a new printer isn’t helping, nor are my camera accessories wishes .. oh well.

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