Capote and V

We went to see Capote and V for Vendetta last weekend. Both movies are kind of disturbing and both show how human beings can be so manipulative.
I think the Oscar for Philip Seymour Hoffman was well-deserved. His acting was great. Though I wish he got an antagonistic role less often. Well, some people might think that his role as Capote was protagonistic, but he was an antagonist to me (you have to see the movie to understand). The movie was kind of slow at times and I did yawn a couple of times but it wasn’t so slow that you’d want to leave. It’s a so-slow-but-I-have-to-see-the-ending kind of movie.
We saw Capote at our local independent cinema here in Waterloo, but we saw V for Vendetta at one of those IMAX theatres with a screen as tall as a six-storey building, near Toronto (because the boys just had to see Natalie Portman BIG). Now I don’t think I could be happy with seeing a movie at any regular-sized screen cinemas anymore. Dammit. It was really that good. The IMAX technology, I mean (yea, Troy, I heard you: Canadian technology yadda, yadda, yadda). Well, the movie was also pretty good. I didn’t really mind the explosions. I just didn’t quite enjoy the blood-shed parts (even fake blood gives me shivers). I did, however, enjoy the storyline. Makes me want to read the graphic novel the movie was based on.
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  1. From the moment Capote acted like “i’m-such-a-genius-writer-who-can-just-use-people,” I freaking hated that a-shat… Sorry, I really did. I thought the movie was great production-wise, but man, talk about arrogance.

  2. Capote was one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen, based solely on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s acting performance.
    I’d say the same about Goodnight and Good Luck, and David Strathairn. =)

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