Cheap Flights to Europe

Damn, I could’ve bought myself a round trip to Paris (France, not Ontario — yes, there is a Paris, Ontario)! Not that I’m allowed to leave Canada. I so can’t wait to get my permanent resident status. Right now I’m still worrying about whether or not they’re going to extend my visitor visa. It expired two days ago.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Flights to Europe

  1. Ah, too bad about Paris! Right now it’s beautiful, sun everywhere and not too crowded yet.
    About your visa, I wouldn’t be too worried: you’re married and a resident since some months, so it shouldn’t be long before you’re made a citizen, should it? (Unless you can’t have both citizenships and you want to keep the indonesian one.)

  2. It doesn’t work that way. There’s no such thing as citizenship by marriage in Canada, unfortunately. You still have to apply for and get your permanent resident status before you can become a citizen. And Indonesia doesn’t recognise dual citizenship so when the time comes, I’m going to have to choose between the two.

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