Cold/Flu Season?

I was just wondering, how many of you are down with something (cold/flu) right now? I know for a fact that the boy is one. He’s been sick since last weekend. It’s mostly a coughing cold and for the last couple of days, he’s been sounding like Barry White when he talks. I already had a pretty bad one early last month, complete with a two-day fever. I hope I won’t catch another from the boy. That would really suck. And I hope taking Echinacea and vitamin C would be enough to strengthen my immune system.

Speaking of coughs, am I the only one who thinks that Buckley’s tastes better than Robitussin? I like how Buckley’s doesn’t leave any aftertaste in my mouth. Robitussin’s cherry flavour is just yucky! Anyway, both cough medicines didn’t really work all that great in my case. But then again, we’re talking about placebo effect here. I guess my expectations of the medicines were not high enough.

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  1. I had the flu a month ago, and didn’t really fully recover till a few weeks ago. My son also is still coughing since last month. All the doctors just keep saying it’s a virus and it’ll go away by itself. *sigh*
    Yep, Robitussin and Buckley’s didn’t work for any of us either. guess there’s no better substitute than total rest.

  2. i’m starting to get it today. my roommate had your sickness for a week, complete with fever. she looked miserable.

  3. My daughter kept me up most of last night with something. Cried and cried and cried. It’s sad when they are that little and they cant’ tell you what really hurts.
    As far as prevention goes, there is this great stuff out there called Super Lysine. It’s an amino acid, and comes in dropper form, as well as pill form. Most drug stores, as well as natural food stores carry it. Works really well in conjunction with Vit C and Echinacea.
    My Mother in law turned me on to the stuff about 2 years ago, when she started taking it. She had really bad cold sores all the time, and in the last 2 years, she hasn’t had a single one. And this is someone who would get them if someone looked at her wrong.
    Hope that helps. Take care of yourself!

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