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Welcome to all visitors coming from 9rules! Feel free to take a look around. But first of all, I need to clarify that I’m more like a myth than a legend. 😉 For those of you who haven’t heard of it already, 9rules just released a community feature a couple of days ago where you can browse 9rules member sites by category. If you’re looking for more interesting blogs to read, this is the way to go. And now back to business.
Having prenuptial agreement such as mandatory backrubs and a $5 nagging fee doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will last forever. At least our sort-of prenup deal is not all that complicated. I promised to endure Troy’s hours of videogame playing and he promised to take me out for Vietnamese food at least once a week. It’s been working like a charm.
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, someone got the brilliant idea of employing trained female models and actresses to work in their valet parking business. Clients can request the valets to wear a variety of ‘uniform’ such as lingerie and bikinis, but no nudity or topless, simply because it is illegal. That doesn’t sound very politically correct to me, but whatever rocks their boat.
I’ve been perusing the Hype Machine a lot lately to discover new music. But discovering new music is not the only thing this site is good for. It’s also good for finding songs by and covers of your favourite artists. The key is to use their search form (on top right corner). Let’s enter “Beatles” into the search form, for example. You’ll get this page with results containing both original and cover version of Beatles’ songs. Click the title of the song you’d like to listen to. It’ll bring you to a page where you can either go to the blog post with the song, listen to it (without having to download), or buy it. I must warn you that this can be very addictive.
I don’t drink anything with alcohol in it but Extratasty sounds like a great resource for those who do drink alcohol and like to entertain. It’s a site full of drink recipes. Better still, it’s tagged to make it easy for you to browse the drinks based on the ingredients. You can also share your favourite drink recipe. (Link stolen from Jordan.)
Today’s game is Super Tramp where you play a bouncing ball on a trampoline (sounds redundant, eh?). Control the ball with the arrow keys to collect stars and avoid mines, bombs and spikes. Flash 8 is required and this game doesn’t seem to have a ‘sound off’ button so consider yourself warned.

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