Confessions of a Thrift Store Addict

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Sorry for the lack of update. I just had a case of blogger’s block. But now I just feel like ranting about something. It’s about buying clothes from thrift stores. Would you? I know I would, and I have. Many times. I’ve bought a lot of cool t-shirts from thrift stores.

Some people have issues with buying clothes from thrift stores because they think it’s like wearing other people’s clothes. Well, first of all, they’re NOT other people’s clothes. Not anymore anyway because they have given away the clothes to the thrift stores. Call it status quo, if you like. You don’t even know who previously owned the clothes. It’s not like you’ll have someone pointing at you and say “hey, you’re wearing a t-shirt that I threw away!” Most of the time, people wouldn’t care. If they did care, they’d think it’s new. Not sure about the hygiene? Wash it before you wear it. Easy peasy.

Like I said before, I’ve bought a lot of t-shirts from thrift stores. When someone complimented my choice of t-shirt, I’d proudly tell them that I got it from a thrift store for 2 bucks. Too bad I couldn’t find something cool to wear to a wedding when we went to our local thrift store last night. Now I’ll have to spend money that I could be spending on some rolls of film on a piece of clothing. Not happy!

We’re going to the wedding of Troy’s very first childhood friend this weekend. I wish I remembered who my very first friend was. It’s not like I’ve had plenty of friends in my life to start with. I’m not very good at making friends. And not many people would want to be friends with me because I’m too weird.

By the way, if you’d like to hear about how our weekend went, Troy has the scoop. I barbecued my very first steaks last weekend and they turned up great! Most of the pictures I took last weekend, I shot on film and the rolls of film still need developing. Hence the lack of Flickr update. You’ll see some pretty pictures next week for sure. πŸ™‚

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  1. I spend half of my life in Charity Shops, as they are over here – I wish so much that we had as good thriftyness as you all do! I mostly buy books and fabric from them, generally because I’m not 90, the age most of the available clothes seem to be targeted at!

  2. Hehe. You can find tonnes of hideous clothings in thrift stores over here, including the ones intended for octogenarians, but they usually have t-shirt only rows where, sometimes, on your lucky day, you’ll be able to find some cool ones that are brand new or barely used that can be had for a few bucks.
    We mostly just buy lots of books, though. Just like you. And also pots for my plants.

  3. I used to buy t-shirts and flannels from the thrift shop by my college. I loved how they ordered the clothing first by type and then by color. I miss that … I should see if there are any good places nearby.

  4. I use to be uneased about going to the thrift store but my sister got me into it. The very first thing that I brought was a bag, but now I am buying much more. Just last week I brought a nice grey skirt that was from Express that was $2.50.

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