Cottage Weekend is A-Comin’!


You know you are bored when you’re all excited about the prospect of buying a bubble gun, but I’ve always wanted one and we’re going to Toys-R-Us tonight to get me one. Yay! I love bubbles just as much as I love balloons, though I’m not really a big fan of bubble bath.

Tomorrow we’re heading up north to the cottage for a long weekend with Troy’s parents. I foresee a lot of picture-taking and yard sale-ing. I’m going to stay away from the bushes for sure to avoid the bugs. Bug bites always give me big, itchy bumps on my skin that could take weeks to go away. I’m not sure if we’re going to take our annual poutine trip to Quebec this weekend. Probably not. The poutine wasn’t really all that great the last time.

Now I think I’m going to put together a mix CD to play in the car on our way up to the cottage and back because I don’t really feel like listening to the kind of music Troy has been playing in the car lately for hours (it’s DJ something or other mix type thing — ick!). Anyway, I hope the traffic won’t be too bad tomorrow. Mind you, long weekends always mean a lot of cottage-goers driving up north!

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