Crazy Bunny is Crazy

Crazy Bunny Strikes Again

Even though Crazy Bunny is known to eat my garden plants for breakfast, I’m still kind of looking forward to seeing it in the morning. These last two days I’ve been able to take some pictures of it. It’s funny that he’d freeze on the spot as soon as he saw me with my camera, allowing me to take his pictures, before he hopped away and disappeared. Crazy Bunny is really quick as a bunny!

Why do I always have to wait until past my bedtime before I start writing a post? Because I’m the queen of procrastination, that’s why. Well, I got all the links to post earlier. I just couldn’t figure out what to write at the beginning of the post until much later. As in 5 minutes ago.

A friend’s kid once saw me taking pictures and then he asked if he could see the pictures I took on the LCD screen. I felt kind of bad telling him that he couldn’t because I was taking pictures with a film camera. Kids these days. Here’s a list of 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About. They sure don’t know what they’re missing. Don’t you just miss the sound of dial-up modems and dot matrix printers?

I’ve never felt comfortable being in front of a camera so in the majority of our family photos, I would look all stiff and awkward like a family guard dog. I’m sure there are some gems that could go to Too bad I have no access to my family photos as they’re all stored somewhere in my family home in Indonesia.

I’ve been playing Block Drop most of the evening. It’s really addicting! I’m currently stuck at level 19 25. Should I continue playing or should I go to bed? That is the question.

I think I’ll continue playing.

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