Crazy Hot Spring

Summer is not officially here yet, but it already feels like summer. In fact, it feels pretty much like Jakarta (Indonesia) during the dry season. I can’t say that I like it. I hate hot weather. It turns me into Ms. Grumpypants. The heat made me so grumpy a couple of nights ago that Troy decided to buy us a box fan yesterday. We picked up a 20″ one. It’s big and awesome! It’s blowing coolish air like there’s no tomorrow. It was also pretty hard to find. They were probably sold out or something. We didn’t find one that was big enough for us until we got to the 5th place, which happened to be a grocery store. When we went to pay for it, the cashier lady said that we were the first to buy a fan on her shift. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean, but I like to think that it means we’re special. Heh.

Speaking of hot weather, I don’t know what had got into us on Sunday but we decided to go for a walk along the trail between Waterloo and Kitchener (a.k.a. the Iron Horse Trail) when it was, like, 30°C out there. Can’t say that I enjoyed it too much. We walked all the way to Victoria Park, watched the ducks for a while before trying to find something to drink. There was an event going on there, apparently organised by the local GLBT community. I thought there would be people selling ice-cream or something there. After all, it was hot and it was an event with a lot of people. In a park. But noooo! No ice-cream seller. Luckily I spotted a small cafe right across the river so I was saved from the horrible fate of dying from dehydration. I had the best iced lemon tea EVER there. But man, was I ever so grumpy. I couldn’t make it back to Waterloo because it was too hot and I was too tired and too grumpy so Troy had to walk back to Waterloo alone to pick up the car and then drove all the way to Kitchener to pick me up. While waiting for him, I sat under the tree by the parking lot of a home hardware store. People were looking at me funny, but whatever. I’m kind of used to that.

The weekend wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though. Saturday was quite fun. We went to several garage sales in Waterloo and then we went to a Rockport factory outlet in St. Jacobs to pick up a pair of new sandals for me (this one, it’s sweet!) before driving to Elmira (where they were having Robin in the Hood festivities), West Montrose (to see the Kissing Bridge), and finally to Guelph where we had a Chinese buffet lunch (evil!), took a walk along the river, and had yummy ice-cream before heading back to Waterloo.

This coming weekend, I’ll be sure to spend a lot of time in a swimming pool. I hope my swimsuit still fits!

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