The excitement of buying a house has kind of worn off now and replaced by the worries of not being able to find a job that will keep me happy. The thing is, I’m not a people person and I have very little patience for stupid people, meaning jobs that require a lot of human interaction (i.e., retail) is out of the question. In the ideal world anyway. In this not so ideal world, I might have to take one and honestly, just the thought is enough to make me feel depressed.

I kind of wish I could go back to being a librarian, but in Canada, it calls for a master’s degree, which I am lacking. See, once upon a time, I had to choose between doing my master’s degree in Indonesia and going back to Canada. I chose the latter. And here I am! Happy in personal life but not so happy when it comes to employment. Going back to school here is not really an option at the moment, unfortunately.

I’d be happy enough if I could make a steady $1,000 income a month working from home on the computer. Anyone want to hire me to do website maintenance? Anyone? It’s cheap labour! I can also take pictures of you and/or your loved ones. Hell, I’ll even do weddings (supposedly the most stressful type of photography). With Troy beside me and a camera in front of me, I’m okay with dealing with people. And I guess I should pimp my Etsy shop, now that it’s up and running. If you want to purchase a print of any pictures I’ve ever posted on Flickr or in my photoblog, just let me know and I’ll make it available through the shop.

And thus ends my desperate call for employment and a little bit of income. Because, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures. Not that we’re seriously broke right now, but we will be once we moved in next month. Mortgage is one big, scary monster.

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  1. Hi firda, I’ve been reading your blog for years.. since before you took up photography.. I think with your talent you should really start offering your photography services professionally. Besides wedding, you can do engagement pictures, family outdoor pics, etc. People pay tons of money for these. I in fact have lots of friends who are now have joined the craze. You can easily make more than $1000/month from those.

  2. If you’re close, I would hire you in a heart beat, one session baby pictures every month or two, until he’s 3 years old.
    Love your work.

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