Do You Really Want a Title?

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I wonder if I’m the only weblogger in the world with a titling problem. I always find coming up with a weblog post so much easier than coming up with an appropriate title for the post. I guess it mostly has something to do with the nature of my posts. I have a short attention span so my posts tend to be anything but topical. Just take a look at the post below. It ranges from the rudeness of teenagers to Harry Potter to nachos. And yet the title of the post is “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, which is not really what the post is all about. Only at least one-third of the post (if not less) is about the movie.

And now take a look at this post. The title might be appropriate, until I started talking about why I like nature photography better than urban photography. See, this past Saturday we went to Guelph, ON so that I could take pictures. After taking pictures of some church, we went downtown, and of course I had to take pictures while we walked. At some point, we had a creepy guy following us. Troy saw him earlier eyeing my camera. Troy kept looking behind us as we walked. I guess it either made our stalker feel busted or he wasn’t really following us in the first place, but when we got to the end of the block, the creepy guy was no longer behind us. That should teach me not to take pictures in the downtown areas. At least when I’m taking pictures in some national park/conservation area/nature reserve, the likelihood of being followed by some creepy guy is a little slimmer.

And now back to the topic of blogging. If you see no links for today, it’s because the Intarweb was playing up this morning and I couldn’t get online. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for the links. The links variety might change a bit because I’ve decided not to post my health and science news links to this blog anymore since no one is actually clicking on them anyway. From now on, you can find the health and science news links in my appropriately-yet-unoriginally-named Health and Science News blog over at Blogspot. Bookmark it if you’re interested.

Another blogging problem I have is called a post-ending problem. I always don’t know how to end a post. I always feel like I’m leaving you with a cliffhanger. And I hate when a movie is leaving me with a cliffhanger because it would mean a sequel and sequels are usually lame. Anyway, whether this ending is a cliffhanger or not is up for a debate but I can assure you that this post will have no sequel. There will be no post with “Do You Really Want a Title, Too?” as a title in this blog. Promise.

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  1. I keep using titles just for the sake of continuity. I shouldn’t have started using titles in the first place.

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