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Each Coming Night

I can only see my mother’s face so vividly when I’m dreaming about her. When I’m not dreaming, I have trouble picturing her face in my mind they way I remember it. And it’s only been less than three years since she passed away. Isn’t it sad? Reminds me of this verse from Each Coming Night by Iron & Wine:

Will you say to me when I’m gone
“Your face has faded but lingers on
Because light strikes a deal with each
coming night”

I’ve been listening to it all morning. It’s soothing me.

2 thoughts on “Each Coming Night

  1. Your post is very inspiring. As of late, I’ve been a little on the outs with my mother. I love her dearly but every once in a while we argue over silly things. Last week was one of those weeks. After reading your post I realize that tomorrow might not be…thank you and I am sorry that your mother is no longer with you but I am sure you have her in spirit.

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