Exciting Times Ahead!

I packed up four cameras and half a dozen rolls of film before we went up to the cottage last weekend and guess how many rolls I shot? One. Or I should say two-third of a roll because I didn’t even finish shooting it. I was planning on taking a lot of pictures but that was before I realized how many bugs were flying around the cottage. If they weren’t biting me, they were hovering over my head, just being annoying in general, which drove me nuts. So I mostly just spent the long weekend inside the cottage playing hours of Plants vs Zombies on a Nintendo DS Lite that Troy got me from a garage sale in the middle of nowhere for $25 earlier this spring. I know, very exciting indeed. Though I did bake a really awesome banana pound cake one day. Well, I thought the cake was too sweet but Troy said it was just perfect and even though I know he was biased because he loves me and all, I’ve decided to believe him. Hence my calling the cake awesome.

Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the day Troy and I got married. Time flies! He still loves me and I still love him so life is good! We bought a netbook today though we won’t be picking it up until tomorrow and I like to think of it as an anniversary present to ourselves. 🙂 Apparently 6th wedding anniversary is called the Iron and Candy anniversary. Well, I’m sure there’s some iron in the netbook and it looks like candy, at least to me, because I’m a nerd so that’s appropriate. -Ish. So tomorrow we’ll be picking up our netbook and go for a round of thrifting as usual. Not sure if we’re going to have an anniversary dinner. I don’t really care either way. Troy’s parents are taking us out for an anniversary late lunch/early dinner on Sunday anyway. We’ll see!

Our trip to Newfoundland is coming up very, very soon and I’m getting, very, very excited! It’s one of the reasons we bought the netbook: we need the storage for the many pictures and videos I’m planning to take and something to access the Web to feed our internet addiction whenever there’s WiFi during the trip (likely won’t be much). And I may or may not have decided which cameras to bring. It’s a problem you have when you own 200 cameras. More or less. Probably more more than less. I’m going to have to sell some of them and some of my film stash too, and we still have yet to have a yard sale, but that belongs to another post.

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