Excuses, Excuses

Sorry for the lack of update lately. I just haven’t been feeling like blogging due to a certain family situation that leaves me feeling depressed most of the time. I’ll spare you the details but this much I can say: if you have a father who always tries to make your life easier, you should count yourself lucky. Some of us (including myself) aren’t that lucky.

On a happier note, I got myself a UK visa today. Yayness! After three years of having a passport, there’s finally something to see among the passport pages. I’ll be leaving Jakarta for London on May 18 and, if I’m lucky enough to get the Canadian visa, I’ll be flying to Toronto from London on May 28. I really can’t wait to start my adventure. Too bad it’s still a little less than a month away.

Well, until next update! I hope all of you are doing good.

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