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Fabric Love

Fabric Collection

I’ve been collecting fabric for awhile because, well, I appreciate good design and some fabric have really good designs. Since my source for fabric is thrift stores, they’re relatively cheap, too. I’d also been buying fabric because I figured I’d get a sewing machine sooner or later and when that happened, it would be cool if I already had fabric I could cut up and sew and turn into lovely stuff.

So I got a sewing machine for Christmas. It’s just a basic, Brother sewing machine, nothing fancy. But now that I’ve got a sewing machine, I can’t bring myself to cut the fabric! They are so pretty! How could I cut them into pieces? I know it doesn’t make sense and that once they’ve turned into many lovely stuff, I’ll still be able to enjoy the prettiness of the fabric anyway, but not making sense is like my middle name. I’ll get over it, eventually.

I think my first sewing project shall be cushion covers because we have two cheapo cushions on the couch that could use some prettifying. I’ve found a tutorial at Sewing Republic that seems easy to follow. After that, I’ll learn to make a zippered pouch even though sewing zipper seems rather daunting. But man, I really wish I didn’t have to cut up my lovely fabric collection to make stuff!

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  1. I like to make quilts. I have a friend of mine who makes fun of me – she always asks why I cut up my material just to sew it all back together again :D

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