Feeling Somber

Blueberry Island

The Victoria Day long weekend was freezing cold. We got rain, snow, and hail. I made a video of when it was snowing on Sunday morning.

Troy and I didn’t make it to Quebec this year because we missed a turn and ended up in Marten River, Temagami area instead. It was the northernmost both Troy and I have ever been in Ontario. We did get to enjoy poutine in a small town (village?) called Field, where everyone speaks French. The poutine was just as authentic as it can get in Ontario. It was a fun trip despite the crappy weather.

Sunday night we learned that the husband of one of Troy’s cousins had passed away. We’re going to his funeral tomorrow. This morning I got the news from one of my brothers that one of my aunts in Indonesia passed away yesterday. She was my mum’s second oldest sister. I like to think that she and my mum are together now. I hope they’re having a good time catching up.

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  1. hello.how do you do.
    my name is Kazuma.from OSAKA JAPAN.
    I have learned English for 6 year.
    today,I watched Yahoo-UK.then I finded your webrog.
    I am grad to see your photos.
    Thnak you!

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