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Firdamatic™ for Blogger

Tonight I finally got around to updating one of my favourite creations: Firdamatic. It’s just that I’ve been getting tonnes of emails lately from Blogger/Blogspot users who are having problems with their Firdamatic-generated layouts. I don’t really have time to troubleshoot the problems one by one, so I decided to do the next best thing.

For the longest time (or since its conception in 2003), Firdamatic layouts were only available for Movable Type weblogs. But now they’re also available for Blogger/Blogspot weblogs! Let’s rejoice! :P

If you’re a Blogger/Blogspot user and you’ve been having problems with your Firdamatic layout, please generate another and you’ll be presented with a Blogger/Blogspot-specific template for you to copy and paste. Both the one-column and two-column templates seem to work without problem when I tested them on my Blogger account.

Now I really have to go to sleep. It’s 4:30 in the morning and my back is really, really sore…

7 thoughts on “Firdamatic™ for Blogger

  1. Hi Firda.
    I used the Firdamatic 3-column generator, and my only issue with it is that when I publish my blog, with the new stuff, everything is aligned to the left. Can you tell me how to make the layout aligned to the middle, likein your example?

  2. Um, that was the reason I stayed up all night to make Firdamatic generate templates for Blogger/Blogspot. You just have to generate another layout and get the Blogger template. That’s the best I can do, sorry.

  3. nice generator but everything is aligned to the left on blogger. btw, there are no longer an option to turn off the nav bar. can u please provide a fix with the navbar on.

  4. hi.. I’ve made my template on the firdamatic tool for blogger.. but, how do i copy the code to my own blogger HTML code place??

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