Firda’s Birthday Gift Guide

Since today is exactly a month before my birthday, I spent some time browsing the web, trying to find something I want for my birthday. Who knew that it was going to be tough. All I could find was these two items:

  1. Science Is Awesome! t-shirt, because science is awesome and I believe it. I wouldn’t want to be wearing a shirt boasting something that I don’t believe in. Also, I love the rocket drawing on it.
  2. Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android, which is, like, the coolest watch ever and which I wanted to back on Kickstarter way back when but alas, I didn’t have a credit card handy. I would’ve been able to purchase one for, like, $50 less if I had been one of the backers. Anyway, this is still on pre-order but I can wait. Hint, hint!

My husband already told me that I’m getting nuthin’ for my birthday because the Iceland trip is my birthday present (though I’m pretty sure he mumbled something that sounds like a yes when I asked him if he’d buy me the t-shirt for my birthday), but if you want to help me celebrate my turning big four-oh, I wouldn’t mind getting the Pebble watch in every colour available, please and thank you. ;-)

(In all seriousness, if I could just play my favourite board game Power Grid all day and eat a lot of sushi on my birthday, I’d be happy as a clam. Though I’m not sure how you can tell if a clam is happy. I think clams are a pretty emotionless being. But I digress.)

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