Flickrific Wedding Photos

I’ve uploaded some unofficial photos from our wedding to Flickr and into a photoset. Troy’s dad took the photos. Well, the ones where he’s not inside the frame anyway. But they all came from his camera. The photos are not really the best, but some of them are pretty funny. If you have a Flickr account, feel free to add captions in the comment area or notes on the photos. If you don’t have a Flickr account, well, sign up already! :) If you want to hear about the gory details from our wedding, Troy already got the scope so I’ll just point you towards his general direction (if you haven’t been there already).

Speaking of Flickr, I got to know a neighbour from across the street about six months ago through Flickr. We left comments on each other’s photos occasionally but we never actually met. The night before the wedding, Troy and I went to a department store because Troy needed to pick up some batteries and I needed to pick up some makeup type thing (I don’t usually wear makeup). So we were at the makeup section and Troy was in the middle of giving me some expert advice (ha!) on the most suitable foundation for my skin when I heard someone calling my name. I looked at the guy but had no idea who he was, and then I looked at Troy to see if it happened to be a friend of his, but Troy also didn’t show any sign of recognition. Only after he mentioned his name did I realise who he was. Why, of course, it was our neighbour from Flickr! Hi, Ryan! It was nice to finally meet you and your wife in flesh. You even pronounced my name correctly! :)

Last but not least, thanks so much for your comments and kind wishes, and all the blog posts you made to congratulate us. It makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you. You rock! I don’t really see the wedding as a happy ending. Instead, it’s the beginning of another journey. I’m just glad that in this journey, I’m not alone anymore. Troy might not be the best navigator in the world, but he sure is a damn good travel companion! :)

6 thoughts on “Flickrific Wedding Photos

  1. Selamat ya Firda!!
    I’ve been reading your wannabegirl since 3 ys ago or more (on and off) secretly :-) , and yours was the first blog I ever read.
    Makasih ya udah sharing many info through your blog, sori no kado ;-)
    But I wish you both forever togetherness in deep love, all the best for now n the future!

  2. Hi Firda, I’m still ur regular blog reader. What a surprise, but I did expect you and Troy would marry someday. Seeming both of you have a great day, have a happy married life ahead *hugs* and Congratulations!

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