Warmth in Coldness
For some reasons, I keep forgetting that Advil doesn’t work on an empty stomach. At least not in my case. I popped two this morning but it didn’t do anything so I spent hours feeling crappy. I kept telling myself to go grab a banana, but I was too stubborn to submit, mostly because I didn’t now why I should. I wasn’t really super hungry. About 10 minutes ago, I finally felt hungry enough to have something to eat so I had a banana and felt a little better almost instantly. Doh! Had I remembered, I would’ve had the stupid banana hours ago. Anyway, my body’s been hating me all week. I hope I won’t get sick for real. I hate being sick. But then again, who doesn’t.
In other news, I signed up and joined the CSS Reboot yesterday, meaning I have until May 1 to procrastinate come up with a new design for this site, meaning even if I did come up with a new design in a couple of days (which I doubt), it wouldn’t be up until May 1. Patience, grasshopper!

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