Fortune Cookies and Other Tales

Last weekend, we had supper at the boy’s favourite Pad Thai restaurant in Stratford. The restaurant is run by a Vietnamese couple. It was nothing fancy, but the food was good. Besides, you just can’t help but liking a place where the toilet is called the “lady + man room”.
The restaurant lady immediately recognised the boy since he is a returning customer and she greeted him warmly. But once she saw me walking behind him, she started grinning from ear to ear, which made me feel like some teenage girl being brought home by her teenage boyfriend to see his parents for the first time.

I was kind of expecting the lady to start interrogating the boy about me (because that’s what Asian mothers would do), and she did, but not until he went up to the counter to pay the bill after we had our meals. I could hear her asking the boy all sorts of questions, but I couldn’t really listen to what they were talking about from the table. Later the boy told me what she said. Among other things, she said that if we have a baby, our baby is going to be beautiful. You don’t get fortune cookies from dining in Vietnamese restaurants, but I like to think of what the Vietnamese lady said as our own personalised fortune cookie.

Speaking of fortune cookies, when we went to a Chinese buffet in Burlington last summer, we each got a fortune cookie. Mine said, “You will always have good luck in your personal affairs.” And guess what? I’ve been pretty lucky in my personal affairs since then. Coincidence? More than likely.

So, have you ever got a fortune cookie that seemed to actually bring you luck? How long did the luck last? I’m curious!

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  1. Well… this is not joke… i once had a forutne cookie that said
    “That wasn’t chicken”
    I’ve since then seen this one email jokes far and wide….. but a real fortune none-the-less.

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