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Friday Morning Haiku

Not an outdoor type
But I sure do love nature
It’s complicated.

I love nature. I love taking pictures of beautiful, natural landscapes. I love being alone with nature. But an outdoor type, I am not. I don’t go camping. I don’t take long hikes or climb mountains. I’m afraid of any animals that could potentially harm me even though I really have no intentions to harm them (with the exception of annoying mosquitoes and black flies—I hate them with a passion and would kill them over and over again.) I fear ticks and poison ivy so I don’t go off trails by rule. I’m not really super adventurous even though I love long road trips and love finding amazing best-kept-secret places wherever I go.

I just love going to places with natural beauty where I could feel safe. I find travel a lot more enjoyable when I don’t have to fear for my life or my safety or have to do anything overly physical. It may sound like I’m the type that would enjoy travelling to big cities, but I’m not. Not at all. I don’t like going to places with a lot of people.

Like I said, it’s complicated. Only my husband can understand my travel preferences. He’s the best travel companion I could possibly have.

Addendum: I originally posted this as Friday Night Haiku even though it was still Friday morning. D’oh! Obviously, my brain reaaaallly can’t wait for this weekend to start!

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