Fun with Igloos

I kept asking Troy if there was any places in Canada offering igloo building courses, because if there was, I’d like to sign up. He just thought I was weird. So I decided to search for igloo building courses on Google today and found that there are at least two companies in Canada offering an igloo building course (among others). It’s kind of expensive, though. Maybe I should just take the self-taught route and try to build one with a bucket this winter.

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  1. Fabulous!
    it’s so cute! i mean the igloo built with a bucket…
    btw, can we just build a huge pile of snow(
    which is rather easy and requires no specific tool), in the shape of igloo, and then dig a large hole in it? haha

  2. Funny as it is I was driving down University St in Waterloo, Ontario a couple years back and there on the front lawn of someones house was a full size igloo!!!! I couldn’t resist I had to go in! Funny enough there was a beer cooler in there with a couple of lawn chairs. I was a little confused with the cooler as it was the middle of winter, maybe it was meant to keep the beer from freezing, if that is possible?? Unfortunately, no beer, but one cool igloo!

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