Garage Sale Pet Peeves


Wow, it’s been more than a week since I last updated the wee blog! Yet I don’t really have much to report even though we’ve been busy doing stuff. Just don’t think anyone would find the stuff we do very interesting. Unless you’re really into: (1) garage sales; (2) cameras; (3) watching Canada’s Worst Handyman. But you’re not really, are you? What? You’re actually into going to garage sales? Alright! Let’s talk about it then.

So, garage sales. Don’t you just hate it when people have a garage sale and put high price tags on their crap? Those are things you don’t want anymore that you’re trying to sell, people! Price everything accordingly. No one wants to pay $50 for your crappy 1.8MP digital camera, especially when it doesn’t come with the box, cables, driver, and manual. We paid $5 recently for a Kodak box film camera, but at least it was antique. Digital cameras, unfortunately, don’t go into the antique category yet. Wait for 25-30 more years and try again.

Another thing I hate is when people don’t put price labels on their crap. Make some effort, people! We are more willing to buy your crap when it is priced properly (and reasonably). It’s also less annoying for us because we won’t have to hear you quoting the price without being asked every time we touch every single junk you have out for sale.

And please, don’t sell toys that your kids obviously still love. It makes us feel bad and it makes you look bad. Also, before letting your kids sell lemonade during your garage sale event, please teach them the concept of change. If you can’t be bothered to do that, please put up a sign that says “correct change only, please”. Having to spend two dollars on a tiny cup of lemonade that’s priced 50 cents because your kids think every coin is a 50 cent coin is extravagant. And we need all the change we have to buy your crap.

And last but not least, please don’t be a jerk and do take down your garage sale signs as soon as you’re done with it. Having to drive for miles for a garage sale that’s already over is a waste of gas, and you know how expensive gas is these days.

Now it’s your turn to share your garage sale pet peeves, or to agree/disagree with me in the comments! 🙂

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