№ 5 – Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

The photo is actually from the Mackenzie King Estate but it’s within the Gatineau Park so I’m not really cheating. The other photo I have of the park is kind of boring so this one will have to do it.

William Lyons Mackenzie King is the 10th Prime Minister of Canada. This estate was his summer home. Upon his death, he left his estate to the people of Canada. I was especially interested in all the ruins that can be found all over the estate but was somewhat disappointed to learn that the ruins were more like salvaged parts of various demolished buildings and not really ruins of buildings that used to be in the estate. It was still interesting to learn where the ruins came from. I think the arch in the picture came from a now demolished bank building.

And gosh, if you are a bug magnet like me, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT visit Gatineau Park in the springtime. The black flies will eat you alive! They are such a bunch of tiny, blood-sucking, flesh-eating jerks!

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