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I had high hopes when we went to see West Side Story last Saturday since all the reviews I read about the show had been good. Someone who had seen a Broadway version even said it was better than Broadway. So yeah, I had high hopes. Sadly, it didn’t deliver. I don’t know if we were there on an off night or the casts were already burnt out since it was close to the end of the season, but it was just flat and soulless. I didn’t care about any of the characters. They simply couldn’t make me care, When one of the main characters, Tony, died in the climax, I felt nothing. I was so disappointed.

We still have one more play to see before the theatre season ends for the year: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. The reviews have been great. This one had better deliver.

We saw the actor who played Tony dining alone at our favourite diner one night. Wasn’t really how or where I’d expected to see him off the stage. He should’ve been dining somewhere in a more upbeat restaurant with a bunch of actor friends. But there he was. Dining alone.

“I’m surprised you didn’t throw yourself at Tony when you saw him at the restaurant. Oh wait, you’re already in love with Brutus.”

“Yeah. True. Besides, Brutus is coming back next year! Tony isn’t.”

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