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Google Analytics Open for Public

Google has made an announcement about Google Analytics being open to anyone who’d like to get an account. You no longer needs an invite to sign up. I’ve been a Google Analytics user since the launch, and while it’s quite powerful, it’s a bit too powerful for my wee little blog. It provides me with all sorts of information that I don’t really care about. I think it’s more suitable for business website owners than personal website owners.

4 thoughts on “Google Analytics Open for Public

  1. I had been using Google Analytics on my weblog for a while. It is definely targetted more towards Corporate sites than small personal ones though.
    And again, thanks for the tip. I just added the analytics code to the new site that I am building, Podregator. I will be building my own stats functionality into it, but until then Google should do a good job of tracking for me.

  2. I got in invite prior to it being opened to the public and I wanted to try it to track activity on avuee, but I didn’t think it did what I was expecting it to. I can only tell so much from what Feedburner used to say since the main feed comes from via the WordPress site. Can’t redirect the traffic either to the correct feed to track users.

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