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Happy 4th Blogday!

I felt the need for blogging today because it’s Weblog Wannabe’s 4th anniversary! Woo! [insert a birthday song and three cheers here] Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for four years already. It’s also Book of Styles’ 2nd anniversary, but alas, the domain has expired. If you want to give me a blogday gift and you have 12 Euros/15 USD to spare, you can always renew the domain for me ;) You’ll need to email me first, though. The domain is still in the 30-day grace period before being thrown back into the market so you’ll need some extra info from me. It’s been renewed and is back up again, thanks to Jeanna. Yay! :)

There might be a little something coming up from me for your enjoyment in the light of the blogday before the day is over. Aren’t you excited? ;) One note, though: don’t hold your breath. Later, folks!

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