Happy Big Three-Oh!

Happy Big Three-Oh!!!
My dearest, darling husband Troy turns 30 today. Now he is in the same age group with me, ie. old. Bwahahaha!!! Go wish him a happy birthday! Well, if his site is up anyway. We forgot to renew his domain. Ooops! It’s been renewed since so it should be back up soon if it is down. Or you can just wish him a happy birthday here in the comment. :)
In other news, is back up but for some reasons it won’t post the links to this blog so just go to my page for today’s linkage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

7 thoughts on “Happy Big Three-Oh!

  1. Happy berfday dude…
    Join the ranks fo the thirty-somethin crowd!
    REmember how far away and alien “thirty-something” sounded when that show…ummm…Thirty-Something was on….?

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