Happy Birthday, Mama!

Today would’ve been my mother’s 61st birthday had she still been alive, but she passed away last year after being in a very poor health for almost a year, only a little less than two months before her 60th birthday. I can still feel the sadness every time I see other people hanging out with their mothers or when I hear someone talking about the things their mother does to drive them crazy or even when I hear anything about someone else’s mother. I can’t help but thinking how lucky they are to still have a mother.

I don’t know whether my mother would be happy or not if she was still alive. Life in Indonesia doesn’t get any easier. But I’m sure she’d be happy to know that I have finally seen the world (well, one more continent that she ever saw in her lifetime but fewer countries) and that I’ve found someone who makes me happy. After all, all she ever wanted was for me to be happy. I just wish that she could see me.

I just remember that I actually have my mother’s last picture in my computer’s hard drive. It was taken some time in May 2003, a few days after my niece was born. She was already bedridden by then. Less than three months later, she passed away.

Happy birthday, Mama, wherever you are…

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  1. Well, what I can say others here have already said. Your mother CAN see your happiness, and I´m sure she is happy because of that, as you said that was her desire (doesn´t is all mothers´ desire?)
    Take care,

  2. Memories should be happy where possible. I hope you will be happy one day because I believe your Mum would have wanted that. It’s nice of you to remember her so vividly. This is love.

  3. What a lovely picture, thank you for sharing that! Two beautiful people…
    I think somehow your mom does know what’s been happening for you, and that you are happy. She’s still your mom! Take care.

  4. I am sure she’s smiling down from heaven watching you grow and be happy.
    Reading your post makes me appreciate my mother. I thank God everyday for her health. So thank you! and happy birthday to your mom, wherever she is…

  5. Indeed, mother is the most wonderful thing a child could ever possibly have. I guess your mum, would pround to have such a wonderful daughther as you. Btw, it took me by surprise to find out you have back from your long hiatus. How’s your vacation? 🙂

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