Happy Canada Day!

Flower Macro

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! Sadly I’m not going to see any fireworks tonight since we’re going up to someone’s place to hang out and I highly doubt they’ll have fireworks. No testing my brand new camera’s firework mode. Boohoo!

Oh, did I say new camera? I guess I did. I just spent my next Google cheque (which hasn’t arrived yet, but Troy is covering it for me) on a new point-and-shoot camera. I wanted a camera with good macro mode and I got it. Yippee! I’d been wanting one for awhile and I decided to get it because every single electronic store was having a summer sale, so why not take advantage of it. We picked up a Canon PowerShot A430 and a 1GB SD card for me yesterday. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it since.

Well, we’ve got to get going now. Have a good, long weekend to everyone in Canada and a good, not-so-long one to the rest of you! :)

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