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Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

As a dedicated Doctor Who fan with a domain name after the Eleventh Doctor’s favourite food combo, I feel obliged to celebrate Fish Fingers and Custard Day, which happens every April 3 to commemorate the airing of the episode in which the Eleventh Doctor finds out that he loves eating fish fingers and custard. Since I’ve never had fish fingers and custard before, what better way to celebrate than to give it a try!

This combo might sound a bit revolting, but I figured, since I like fish and I like custard, I wouldn’t find it too bad. I didn’t think it would be my most favourite combo ever. I was just confident enough that I wouldn’t throw up if I had some.

So, the day before the D-day, I picked up a box of fish sticks from the grocery store. The box says it contains “The Ultimate Fish Sticks”. I’m still not sure why they would be. I mean, fish sticks are fish sticks. Aren’t they?

Since I meant to have it for lunch, I started gathering the ingredients to make the custard just before lunchtime. I picked a recipe that looked the easiest from the Internet and based my custard on it.

I was worried I would screw it up, but I think I did okay with the custard, though I later learned that I forgot to add butter into it which might explain why the custard was so stiff. Oh well.

This is my sad attempt at styling the fish fingers and custard. Mmm, doesn’t it look almost edible? ;-)

Fish Fingers and Custard Day

And now, it’s the moment of truth! It’s all in this video. I sped it up to twice the original speed because the sight of me eating is not the prettiest. Don’t worry, it’s only 1 minute and 41 seconds long. Of course I had to wear my Doctor Who scarf!

And here’s a picture of the aftermath.

P1230285 (Medium)

And yes, I did eat all six fish sticks dipped in custard. It wasn’t the best lunch ever, but it was pretty filling. Will I have it again? Ummmm, probably not. I don’t mind it but there are other things I’d rather eat.

I had a really bad heartburn afterwards. It’s the price of fandom, I guess. But I’m happy I did it because now I can now say that I have indeed eaten fish and custard. :-)

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