Hello Again!

The Young Man and the Lake

I was only planning to take a week off of blogging but then one week turned into two weeks and two weeks turned into one month. Oopsie! The plan is to start blogging five days a week again today. Of course I had to wait until shortly before bedtime to write something because, as you know, I’m the Queen of Procrastination.

I’m doing the peepee dance as I type and, well, it’s four minutes to bedtime so sadly this post is not going to be a long one. But I guess I should at least tell you something about the picture above. It was taken this past weekend when we went yurting at the Silent Lake Provincial Park. The weather was crappy for the whole weekend. It rained a lot. That’s why I felt the need to photoshop in the big cloud sky into the picture. The big cloud sky came from the weekend before and was shot while we were in Turkey Point by the Lake Erie.

Anyway, Troy doesn’t like me doing that kind manipulation. He calls it cheating. I call it taking advantage of Photoshop because isn’t it what Photoshop is for?

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