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Here Comes the Monkey!

Sock Monkey

This is the sock monkey I’ve been working on these last couple of days (and the reason I haven’t been posting any weblog entries until the afternoon). It’s not done yet but it will soon. You can insert stuff into Ms. Monkey’s hands and move the black eye pupils to whichever position you like (she’s having crossed-eyes in the picture). I really can’t wait to finish it so I could move on to the next project: a sock cat. Isn’t my life exciting?

Anyway, weblog entries will be rare and few here (if any) until Monday because the boy and I will be heading out of town this evening to the boy’s parents place. We’ll be staying there until Sunday with a limited internet access. I hope you’ll all have a fantastic weekend. Do something with the snow before it completely melts! I know we will. We’re going to make a snowman! Look forward to the pictures.

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