Hey, It’s My Name! In a Magazine!

I spent all morning processing photos to go with a post about Iceland’s famous Golden Circle route, but then I got lazy and decided to go with this lazy post instead. The Golden Circle post will have to wait until next week.

So I got quoted in an issue of the North American edition of the National Geographic Traveler magazine (I always feel dirty typing traveller with only one “l” because my mummy raised me to use British English). I posted a comment on an article about how Canadians loved their Nanaimo bar in the online version of the magazine a while ago (and was later informed that it might appear in a future print issue). I have never met anyone in Canada who is passionate about Nanaimo bar. Not a single one. But everyone I know seems to love butter tarts. Hence my comment.

I have even found what I think to be the best butter tarts ever. You’ll have to go to Culbert’s Bakery in Goderich, Ontario to get your grubby hands on them but they are totally worth the trip. They sell two kinds of butter tarts: the cheap kind with store-bought crust, and the rather pricey one with homemade crust. Don’t be cheap. Always go with the ones with homemade crust. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The crust is just the right consistency (not hard but not too crumbly either) and the filling has crunchy, caramelised top a la crème brûlée. Drools! I’m so looking forward to getting my fix this spring!

While we’re talking about food, I’ve been using our slow cooker a lot lately. Partly because our oven is broken and partly because it’s so easy and convenient. So far I’ve made pot roasts, lasagnas, chicken wings, and bread with various results. They weren’t bad but not the greatest either. I think the word I’m looking for is mediocre. Right now a whole chicken is cooking in the slow cooker. Hopefully it will taste good. If not, at least I got it for cheap because it was on sale.

Do you have any slow cooking recipes which you swear by? Feel free to share!

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