Holy Missing Ghost Town, Batman!

Yes, that’s Troy’s hairy thigh in the picture. I’m sorry if it disturbs you. The happy-looking girl in the Polaroid is, of course, yours truly. Troy took the picture of me with our Polaroid camera shortly before I took a picture of the picture of me with my digital camera (how’s that for meta?). The pictures were taken in the Conestogo Lake Conservation Area where we spent this past Saturday, just swimming and watching people. We had fun in the sun and managed to keep the sunburn to a minimum. If you’re interested, you can see the rest of the Conestogo Lake pictures here.

We originally went to the area to find a supposedly ghost town located somewhere around the lake called Hollen that we read about in a book about ghost towns in Ontario. We did find the town, but it was not really a ghost town, which was kind of disappointing. But then again, the book was published in 1999. Can’t expect the information in it to still be accurate.

On Sunday, we went to see Batman Begins. It was entertaining, to say the least. I wouldn’t say it was great, but it was enjoyable. What I like the most about superhero movies is the fact that you know the superhero is going to win and that no matter what the bad guy does to the superhero, the superhero is not going to die. What can I say, I love happy endings. Don’t you?

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  1. Mbak Firda, salam kenal yaaaa, aku stumble upon sitenya Mbak Firda, aku seneng bisa ketemu sesama orang indo in the net!!… Mbak, congratulations on the wedding ya, telat nih ngucapinnya hehe. Have a great life ya.

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