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I wish I could say that those flowers are from our garden, but sadly, they aren’t. We’ve done a lot of weeding on our front and back yards and Troy has mowed the yards a couple of times but that’s about all the work we’ve done to our garden. Partly because the gardening season is already over, but mostly because there are always so many things to do inside the house. We’ve been here almost a month but we still have so many boxes to unpack. It’s just that we moved from a one-bedroom apartment with two big closets and one small one to a three-bedroom house with three small closets, so storage is definitely an issue here. We just don’t know where to put our stuff! You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap we had managed to accumulate while living in such a small space.

Other than that, we love our house. The interior is still pretty much a work in progress but I think we’re doing a good job. The house already feels nice and homey. It is still messy, but like I said, it’s a work in progress. And we still haven’t had a couch. Troy just ordered one online last night but it won’t be here until next month. It’s the exact couch we’ve been planning on buying since before we moved in. It’s a sleeper sofa with some storage space underneath. The storage part is what sold us on it. God knows we need more storage. While we are couchless, we’ve been perusing our ratty old loveseat covered by a new slipcover that doesn’t really fit (do they ever?). But it’ll be out of the house in a month so it doesn’t really matter.

We’re planning on having friends over at our place to entertain the next couple of weekends, which should be fun. We very rarely had people over when we were still apartment-dwellers because we simply had no space to entertain more than two people at a time. Now we have a large deck and a big backyard to entertain friends and family. And a barbecue grill! We just need to make our house less messy and more presentable before the end of the week.

Well, I’ve got to go back to unpacking and such. I will eventually put up some before and after pictures from around the house to feed your curiosity. But please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t hold your breath!

2 thoughts on “Home in the Making

  1. Yay new posting! I was about to complain again.
    Hey just so you know, I am holding my breath for the pics!

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