Horses of Iceland

Icelandic horses

Like any self-respecting visitors of Iceland, I took a boatload of pictures of the adorable Icelandic horses while I was there. I read so much before our visit about how friendly these horses were and how they would come to you and practically ask for a pet, so I wasn’t prepared for the harsh reality:

The number of horses I saw: Too many to count.
The number of horses who didn’t mind being pet by me: One.

I mean, come on! I practically grew up with horses. My younger brother was a competitive equestrian athlete and I watched him train all the time. I love horses. But these Icelandic horses really made me feel rejected. The one horse who didn’t mind having my grubby hand all over its face I met only a couple of days before the end of our trip. I’m sure it only did it out of pity and was laughing at me inside in a horsey manner as I was petting it.

Next visit to Iceland, I’m totally going to ride one. Likely on a sandy beach so it won’t hurt too much when I fall.

This handsome horse let me pet him/her, likely out of pity:

P1190447 (Medium)

These other horses, they all rejected me sniff:

P1150448 (Medium)

P1150461 (Medium)

P1190378 (Medium)

P1190072 (Medium)

P1190007 (Medium)

P1180561 (Medium)

P1180517 (Medium)

P1180508 (Medium)

P1180484 (Medium)

P1180468 (Medium)

They’re all so freakin’ adorable, though. I do miss them.


  1. I’m pretty sure you pet the horses at the first place we stayed. In the morning we went over and checked them out. I know I pet one of those guys.

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