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How to publish your Facebook status to Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account for a while but had always been too lazy to update it and yet I update my Facebook status at least once a week, so I thought, why not connect the two. A little search on Google revealed this little gem of tutorial that shows you how to do just that via TwitterFeed. Finding my status feed on Facebook was actually the toughest part because it was way buried. On TwitterFeed, I set the update frequency to every 30 mins., post up to 5 new updates each time, include title only, uncheck include item link, and no prefix. If you look at my sidebar at the bottom of The 411 section, you should be able to see my current status.

If you are a non-creepy person with a Twitter account and you’d like to follow me in a non-stalker kind of way, feel free. I wouldn’t understand why you’d want to do that but don’t let that stop you. Heh, and don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram, this guy happens to have lots of Instagram followers.

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