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How to Treat a Mosquito Bite

How to Treat a Mosquito Bite. I’m one of those unlucky people who always get a big, itchy swelling from a mosquito bite. I got, oh, only a dozen of them from the cottage weekend. The biggest one is conveniently located on — wait for it — my middle finger. It’s so swollen I can hardly bend it. Right now I’m on the ibuprofen/topical antibiotic combo to get rid of the swelling. No improvement so far. I’m about ready to try another trick. Do you have any tips?

Update: Here’s what works for me. If the bug bites are big, hot, and swollen, I’d put Polysporin on them and take an Advil. If they are super itchy, I’d put anti-itch/hydrocortizone cream on them and take anti-allergy/anti-histamine medication. Your mileage may vary.

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  1. ha! I thought you were goint to give away a secret to treating mosquito bites.
    I get just like you do. The bites get really swollen, red. It actually extends from where the actual stinkin’ bite was.
    Sorry… I wish I had a tip. Have you tried putting Ice on it? Not that it’d do any good but it helps me with the itchin’.

  2. Me too! My whole elbow got inflamed and hot from a mosquito bite.
    Then again, maybe it was a viper or something. If not, that was one heck of a mosquito.

  3. Memangnya di Canada gak ada Autan or Saripuspa or sejenisnya, Mbak?
    Bekas gigitan nyamuknya coba dikasih balsem cap kaki tiga, biasanya saya pake itu & cepat hilang tuh bekasnya. Tapi di Canada ada balsem gak??
    PS: sori pake bhs Indonesia … gak pa-pa kan?

  4. You can get relief for several hours at a time by applying heat. I don’t remember the details, but it does something to disperse your histamines or antihistamines, which stops the itching for 2 or 3 hours. Here’s how I do it: Pour boiling water into a mug. Immediately, before the outside of the mug gets hot, press it against the bite. Keep it there until it is too hot to stand (don’t burn yourself!) Presto, no more itch! This works like a miracle.

  5. I smash a couple of antihistamine tablets between two spoons, add a couple of drops of water to make a paste, rub it on the bite, it usually takes a few moments but does give relief from the itch!

  6. Well, I’m like you, the mosquitos LOVE me! Right now, I just figured out, I have 12, yes 12 mosquito bites on 1 arm. I live in the country in Wisconsin, and there are just sworms of them around. I think the only thing OFF! or Repel does is waste money and make you stink? ANYONE AGREE?

  7. When I was growing up, my mom used to use cigarette ashes on my bites. The swelling would go away the itch would be gone. Always worked for me, now I use it on my kids. You don’t have to be a smoker to do this, just get a cigarette and let it burn.

  8. I’ve got a huge on on my upper lip, damnit.
    And right now, I could care less about the itching on it, as well as on the other various places plagued with bites.
    It’s Monday morning, and I’m wondering if this makeshift icepack are going to take the swelling down.
    So…try ice? It numbs it down.
    Also, I read that Aloe Vera works.
    I’m considering trying that in thirty minutes.

  9. Trust me on this one – I am the mosquito magnet myself. So big, that when my father goes hunting, he takes me with him in order to get a 100% protection from mosquitos – meaning that if I am in the place where mosquitos are – they will bite no one exept me :) I even started my own webpage – So the one and the only cure after a mosquito bite is not to scrach it. If you’ll not touch it for an hour – it will go off.

  10. In some cases, hypersensitivity to mosquito bites may be associated with an underlying medical condition, such as chronic lymphocytic lymphoma or certain viral infections, such as Epstein-Barr virus. However, this is uncommon.

  11. USE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!! i get a little bit of toothaste and rub it in hard. As long as u jeep it from water, it shuldnt itch.

  12. Here are lists of ways to treat mosquito bites:
    1. Calamine lotion works to stop the itching and to reduce the swelling
    2. Wear protective clothings when going outside
    3. Avoid wearing bright colored and floral clothes, since mosquitoes bites anything that reminds them of nectar.
    4. Make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply over the bite.
    5. Apply cold compress.
    6. You may menthol, or toothpaste to relieve the itch.
    7. Use mosquito repellants (lotion)

  13. I use my zippo light which i carry with me everywhere. When i get a bite, i light the lighter, then hold it so the lid is just above the flame and heats up. Then i close it and hold the hot metal lighter against the bite. I do this for as long as i can stand. If done right when i get the bite, it never swells up. If the bite swells up and gets itchy, it stops the itching for a few hours and helps them heal faster. Im not sure about how true this is, but I was told its because the protein that makes up the mosquito saliva breaks down (cooks) as a lower temp tham human skin. So if you apply heat enough to break down the mosquito saliva but not enough to burn yourself, it makes the bites just go away. Any way to apply heat works, just apply as much heat as you can stand, for as long as you can take without burning yourself. Thats why i always keep my zippo with me, its the perfect pocket sized bite zapper.

  14. I’ve always had serious reactions to mosquito bites – they turn out to be this huge red bump that is flaming hot. The itch is usually unbearable too. At the moment, I have 18 mosquito bites, all of which are insanely itchy – stupid outdoor wedding! I’m currently covered in calamine lotion which seems to help a little – thanks for all the tips though, I’m gonna try them….all of them! One of them’s gotta do the trick!

  15. yeah i have aloe vera on both of my feet, i have 15 on my right foot and 8 on my left foot, mosquitos have always enjoyed having a free meal on me, and this aloe vera seems to do the trick, it calms down the skin and just gives me some relief.

  16. To avoid getting bit in the first place, when walking say, down a trail, hold your breath. When you have to exhale do it over your shoulder and take a couple quick steps then hold again. Mosquitoes use CO2, moisture and heat (in that order) to find their host in the first place. I have used this method for years to separate myself from my breath-cloud and it really works. It won’t eliminate all encounters but will severely cut down on them. Once bit, the heat thing really works! I just use a bic lighter and let it burn for a few seconds until the metal gets hot enough. They sell little penlight sized heaters expressly for this purpose btw… look online and you can find them for around $10. They recommend holding it on a bite for 20-30 seconds as soon as you notice it. After that, no itch, no swelling… with most people anyway, even us swelling-prone victims! Good luck!

  17. Try using Bactine First Aid Antiseptic. It has lidocane which numbs the bites, and cures the itch. It also has antiseptic which helps with infection caused by itching. Works great for about 2 hours at a time.

  18. HI. I never thought I would get such a bad bite in Scotland. ( I am ready to chop off my hand.) It is so red, hot, tight, swollen and tender , It is also creeping up my arm. I have tried Antihestimines, antibiotics, Hydrochorsiton cream antiseptic, ice packs, vinegar, you name it I have tried it but it is STILL so bloody sore and swollen. Maybe I just need to wait longer for the pills the DOC. gave me to “kick in” meanwhile, I have to go now and put myself back in the freezer to stop the itching. Good luck out there.

  19. i am always a tasty snack for bugs. I have about twenty now just on my foot. aloe vera helps give some relief for the itch, but off seems to do nada..any better treatments to ward off the pests?

  20. HEAT is the answer. Check out the posts on 7/10/07, 6/7/07, 8/9/06. I saw this remedy somewhere else this week, tried it, and NO MORE ITCH! Zap a mug of water, etc. in the microwave for 2 minutes, then hold the hot mug on the bite for at least 1 minute. Don’t burn yourself but the heat should be enough to be, well, pretty hot. No itch for the last 2 days…a miracle for me. Evidently the heat kills the proteins (which cause the itch) that the mosquito injects. Who’d a-thunk it?

  21. try getting bit in the lip AND the nose. my nose is already big enough, now it just looks like a fucking mountain with like THREE bites on it. oh and don’t forget the lower lip one, which stings like hell, in addition to making me look like a swollen fucking..CHEESE PUFF. or something. AGHHHH
    k thanks, had to vent somewhere.
    now i need a cure.

  22. Hi, you can get temporary relief to the itching by marking crosses over the bite with your nails helps for a few hours and then you need to make some new crosses when the itch starting to come back .. can’t think of anything else .. i too get the swelling and puffs.

  23. I have three bites on my back that r the size of an almond. I WISH THEY WOULD DISSAPEAR!!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!
    I am going home and trying every stinking thing!!!!!

  24. unbelievable. i got 66 mosquito bites all over my legs and 9 on my arms from a pool party. theyre all inflamed, its gross. i’ve tried putting on some neosporin but i dont think its helping. does anyone know if diprolene can be used?

  25. I have 30 mosquito bites on each foot/leg! After going to see a play in the park.This is what I do:a put some water in the large dish with 1 tbs salt,1tbs of baking soda,2 tbs of vinegar, 4tbs of oatmeal, 2bags of tea. Then add a hot water from tea kettle gradually as hot as you can stand it. Please,do not burn youself.Then after using a wholle tea kettle, dry your feet and put some petroleum jelly or aloe vera. I do this 3 times a day.Take some vitamin C to help you skin heal.My feet are soaking now.

  26. Forgot to tell you. Dr.Weil recommends taking B-complex vitamins. Mosquitoes do not like your blood this much after that. I haven’t tried it but I will since I am a major mosquito magnet.

  27. i got 7 mosquito bites in one night! i’ve tried ice, toothpaste, nail polish, vinegar, aloe vera, anti-itch lotion, benadryl itch-relief stick but nothing seems to work for more than an hour! i really really need help!

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