I am Canadian!

I don’t enjoy hockey, don’t skate or ski, but I like snow in the wintertime (the more the better, with strong emphasis on ‘in the wintertime’).

I find the winter landscape beautiful.

I’ve been out and about with a camera when the temperature is under -10°C simply because I felt like it.

I’ve been to Winnipeg in winter where I walked the frozen Red River and celebrated Louis Riel Day with the locals at Le Festival du Voyageur.

I’ve had ice-cream cravings in winter.

I’ve seen the Northern Lights.

I’ve been to 8 out of 10 Canadian provinces (soon to be 9 out of 10).

I’ve been to all 4 of the Great Lakes in Canada (I’d go to all 5 Great Lakes but Lake Michigan just isn’t part of Canada).

I’ve been to the iconic Spirit Island (which turns out to be not much of an island).

I’ve been to Tofino and gone whale-watching.

I’ve seen a rainbow by the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.

I’ve taken the Cabot Trail.

I’ve had scallops in Digby, Nova Scotia (the so-called Scallop Capital of the World).

I’ve had a lobster in Prince Edward Island.

I had Troy drive me to Quebec just to have poutine. In Quebec.

I’ve shaken hands and had pictures taken with Rick Mercer.

I’ve no problem with gay marriage.
I embrace free-thinking.

I am Canadian!

(I gave up my Indonesian citizenship and took an oath to become a Canadian citizen on March 30, 2011.)

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  1. I love this list! Jealous of your foodie destinations too. I didn't know you gave up your Indonesian citizenship – that's commitment (he must be worth it! ;)). So glad you came and stayed – Glad that my Canada includes Firda!

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