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Well, another weekend has come and gone. It was a fun one, even though my whole body ended up being all sore. It was mostly from our visit to the Webster’s Falls in the Niagara Escarpment near Hamilton on Sunday. You see, to get to the bottom of the falls, you have to climb down a stairway. Climbing down the steep stairway wasn’t a big deal. Climbing up is another story altogether because I’m not really the fittest person in the world. I’m just glad it didn’t start raining until we finished climbing up the stairs. It would’ve been worse otherwise.

We weren’t quite sure where to go after the falls, especially since it was raining heavily. As we usually do in this kind of situation, we just aimed for the thrift stores. But we got sidetracked and ended up in IKEA in Burlington instead. The plan was to check out some bookshelves but we ended up buying anything but bookshelves. Mostly kitchen utensils. And some photo frames. And a plant for me. I don’t know what the plant is called so I just call it Spot. Speaking of IKEA, if your name is Chris, you’re a noticeboard in IKEA world. But you probably know it already.

We went to a couple of thrift stores after IKEA. Picked up a few things but nothing phenomenal. We did pick up a camera from an antique market to add into our vintage camera collection on Saturday. It was a Sawyer’s Nomad 620 (I still have yet to take a picture of it). It’s pretty craptastic. After our visit to the antique market, we met up with our friend Joe and we went to the cinema together to see Lady in the Water. It was a pretty entertaining movie. More funny than scary. It’s definitely different from M. Night Shyamalan’s previous works, and different is good.

We’re going up to the cottage two weekends from now. Can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to trying out the camera we won from an auction awhile ago, the Pacemaker Crown Graphic, while we are there. So excited!

I’m such a geek.

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  1. I’m with Carla.
    I can’t wait to see that movie.
    My hubby doesn’t care to watch it, so I guess I’ll have to wait to watch it on Demand on Time Warner. LOL

  2. oh, btw, I’ve been an on and off lurker. And never actually left comments.
    Just too shy I guess?
    Didn’t want you to be like, “And you are WHO???” LOL

  3. apparently, niagra falls is making more and more mist, which is KILLING things, and wreaking havoc on the nearby populace.

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