I Love Viewfinders

Have you noticed that a lot of digital point-and-shoot cameras these days come with big LCD screen and no viewfinder? I don’t know about you but a camera with no viewfinder just doesn’t look right to me. Sure the big LCD screen should be able to help you compose your picture just as well as or even better than if you do it through a viewfinder, but still. I guess I’m just old-fashioned. I sure hope that this trend won’t catch on in the digital SLR camera front.

And a few links:

The Imaging Resource, where I go oooh-and-aaah-ing over the latest digital cameras.

Fast and Reliable, which is a short documentary film about a one-legged bicycle courier.

Katamari Damacy in Flash, simplified and runs on your computer. No PlayStation2 required.

Hrm, the neighbour across the hall is being overexcited about the Winter Olympics again. He seems to be cheering non-stop at least 16 hours a day. Sigh. To Troy’s disappointment, I just can’t make myself care about the Winter Olympics. I’m sorry but Summer Olympics are way cooler!

5 thoughts on “I Love Viewfinders

  1. I agree about viewfinders. Whenever people use my digital camera (Nikon D50) they try to figure out how to turn on the LCD to view through and I have to explain to them that, sorry, it’s a DSLR and they have to look through the little hole.
    However, on lower-end digital cameras the LCD is often preferable because it’s actually through-the-lens whereas the viewfinder is not, which I suppose that explains why many such cameras are eliminating the viewfinder: such a viewfinder it doesn’t accurate reflect what you’re about to take a picture of, especially if you’re using zoom.

  2. The problem with using an LCD display instead of a viewfinder is that you must hold the camera at a distance. This is a less steady way to hold a camera. You can’t brace your arms against your body, but must hold your arms outstretched.
    Using an LCD display also uses up batteries faster.

  3. I find the LCD on my Fuji F10 almost unreadable in bright sun. I’m looking for a flip up viewfinder to place on top of the camera. Has anyone seen or heard of such a thing. If not, I may have to make one.

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