I Pity The Fool

Troy and I had an encounter with a pitiful human being yesterday, in a thrift store’s register line, no less. Troy got so angry, he had to sit still for awhile once we got back to the car because his hands were shaking with rage. He said he was surprised that I wasn’t as angry as he was.
Well, the thing is, when I encounter ignorant people, the first feeling that comes to me is pity. I pity them because it must suck so much to be them, to live with such narrow-mindedness. And then I’ll just shrug it off. There are ignorant people everywhere. We’re bound to cross path with them every now and then in our lifetime. They’re not worth the time and energy I would have to spend being angry at their thoughtless remarks.
One thing that I found funny (but not funny ha-ha) is what the ignorant person said about immigrants not deserving their respect because they don’t speak English fluently. I was kind of tempted to say, “Dude, you were born and raised in an English-speaking country. It’s easy for you to be fluent in English. If you were born and raised in, say, Jabip, where people speak anything but English, and immigrated to Canada at your age, your English would probably suck, too. Would you like not to be respected because of that?” But that would be like wasting my breath. So I just pity the fool. It’s easier that way.

4 thoughts on “I Pity The Fool

  1. People will use any excuse to jibe on those of us who aren’t from a particular country.
    In English class, everything was plain sailing until one or two people found out that I’m an Irish immigrant. Afterward, if I zoned out for a nanosecond or got one question out of 100 wrong, they’d snicker and say “Perhaps she should’ve stayed where she belonged, with the sheep and the drunks.”
    People. Bah.

  2. You are right not to let it get to you – it is not worth the angst. People like that are a lower form of life, they only deserve indifference, not even a second thought.

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