I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Ever since I decided that I want a bicycle for my birthday, I’ve been really obsessed with it. I’ve done quite an extensive research that if you asked me about Canadian bicycle industry, I’d probably be able to give you an executive summary. But I don’t think that would interest you much.

Bottom line is, good quality bikes are not cheap. Good quality bikes with European design can only be had with top dollars, which is a shame because that’s the kind of bike that I would like to ride. Since I don’t want to put a strain on our bank account, I guess I’m going to have to compromise. I might have to be happy with a good quality bike with a so-so design (read: North American design). I wish I weren’t such a design snob.

To illustrate the above paragraph, I want one of these bikes but I might have to settle with one of these. But if I ended up with the latter, at least I’d be supporting a Canadian industry. Sure I’m going to have to buy it from Wally World a.k.a. evil Walmart since Walmart is the sole distributor of that particular manufacturer but eh, what can you do. Though if I’m really, really lucky, I might be able to get this sweet cruiser for a good price, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Anyway, I just thought I’d keep you updated on my latest obsession. Will let you know which bike I end up getting for my birthday, hopefully by Sunday, because I know you really, really want to know. ;) My birthday is not until Tuesday, though.

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I want a bike, too! But I have only one parking spot in the garage and storing it on the balcony is quite unsightly, it will block my view to the ocean :(

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